The evolution of civil rights in America has a long and storied history comprehensively chronicled by the media and independent authors alike. The legal system has been the instrument by which civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and Nelson Mandela have waged war on discrimination and inequality.

Detroit has its own unique civil rights history, one marred with riots, white flight, civil disturbance and segregation.   While progress has been made, the struggle exists for those impoverished by bigotry, racism and oppression.   The Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) was created in 1965 in an effort to prevent discrimination through educational programs and promotion of voluntary compliance. The MDCR is the state agency empowered to investigate claims of harassment and discrimination.  Under state and federal law, the protected members of our citizenry may not be discriminated against in education, employments, housing or public accommodation on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, age, gender, national origin or disabilities.   Unfortunately, despite ostensible advancements – – our society is replete with intolerance, racism, bigotry and unconscionable views of minorities.   It is these views and underlying mindsets that shape and perpetrate discriminatory conduct.

David Moss and Vince Colella have been at the forefront of civil rights litigation in Michigan for more than 20 years. The firm was established on the principles of equality and justice for all. While other firms shy away from difficult and politically incorrect cases, the Civil Rights attorneys of Moss & Colella have stood up and for the impoverished, disenfranchised, abused and homeless.

The attorneys at Moss & Colella are widely recognized as Detroit’s Civil Rights Law Firm for the following forms of discrimination

  • Age Discrimination
  • Handicap Discrimination
  • Sexual Assault, Discrimination or Harassment
  • Police Misconduct, Excess or Deadly Force
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Cyberbullying
  • Educational Discrimination or Harassment
  • School Accidents or Injuries


If you, a family member or loved one has been the subject of unlawful harassment or discrimination, or the victim of a civil rights violation, call Moss & Colella now at 1 (800) MUST-WIN.