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As parents, we want to feel a sense of security when our children are in the hands of teachers and school administrators.   However, at every level of our educational institutions, perils exist that place our children in harm’s way.   Public school officials, including teachers, are generally immune from liability, making it difficult to recover compensation when an injury occurs.   Fortunately, exceptions to government immunity exist. The recognized exceptions under Michigan law include, (1) gross negligence, (2) negligent operation of a motor vehicle, (3) building defects, and (4) intentional acts.  

Children are susceptible to a variety of injuries at school. Shop class machinery mishaps, overexertion of students in team sports, swimming pools and even the use of corporal punishment can all leave a student with serious physical injuries or result in death.   The School Accident and Injury Attorneys of Moss & Colella are experienced in handling all types of school injury cases. We have represented children and adolescents in claims against school districts, officials and administrators throughout the state of Michigan.   School accident cases are extremely complicated and can present pitfalls for attorneys whom do not specialize in this area of practice.

While every case is unique and your results may vary, our firm has won cases at all levels of the court system and obtained substantial compensation for children in a number of school injury cases.

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Government immunity is the single most difficult obstacle to overcome in school injury/ accident cases. Our law firm has built a solid winning reputation of overcoming government immunity and securing substantial compensation for victims of school accidents and injuries. We take pride in the fact that other lawyers turn to us when they are faced with a government immunity case. Our attorneys have earned high honors from nationally recognized legal peer review organizations such as AVVO, DBusiness, Top Lawyers, Super Lawyers and the National Association of Distinguished Counsel (Top 1 Percent).

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