Railroad/FELA Claims

Working for the railroad is hard work and with it often comes serious injuries and deaths due to the nature of the job, and the special risks & dangers associated with railroad employment. If you are work for the railroad and have been injured on the job, then you may file a FELA Claim. FELA states for Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) first enacted in 1908. The FELA was enacted to (1) assure railroad employees a safe work place and (2) provide such railroad employees and their families the right to recover workman’s / worker’s compensation if railroad worker is injured or killed in a railroad accident. Call us if you have been injured while working for the railroad as an engineer, maintenance of way worker, brakeman, fireman, switchman, welder, maintenance worker, mechanic, conductor, signalman, yardmaster, or other railroad job, then you may be entitled to file a FELA Claim for legal compensation and damages for your Railroad / FELA injuries. Call or email us today for a FREE consultation.