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10 Things to do after a Motorcycle Accident in Michigan

August 14, 2018

10 Things to do after a motorcycle accident in Michigan are discussed in this article. Motorcycling is a passion for many people in Michigan as there is nothing compared to the intense rush of air while enjoying a ride on your motorcycle. However, most riders, particularly the youth, often land in trouble when an accident happens. People typically do not know what to do when an accident occurs, and this makes the situation worse. Such things are easy to avoid if all riders, especially new ones, have know-how about how to deal with accidents when they occur. Here are some ideas for you to do in the event of a motorcycle crash. A Michigan Motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella can also help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

1. Assess your physical condition:

Your physical health is the most important aspect you need to assess after being involved in an accident. The first thing that you need to do is to move your arms and legs to see how much you can move. You need to realize if you can stand up on your own and walk around. You also need to check yourself for any injuries and even if you cannot see a wound or any bleeding, just pat yourself and see if there are any hidden or internal injuries. Once you are satisfied with your well-being, check to see if you anyone around you is injured.

2. Call for medical aid ASAP:

As soon as you notice something wrong with yourself or if anyone else is injured, call a 911 immediately. Also, try to do anything that you can do stop bleeding from any wounds by applying pressure on them. This can help prevent excessive blood loss which might result in death.

3. Keep your cool:

In a motorcycle crash, it is very easy to lose your calm as emotions over-run the logical side. Try your best to stay at ease because if you say anything out of emotions, it might be used against you later on so that you can be blamed for the accident. Be very careful about how you behave and what you say, as your behavior may be reported to the authorities afterward. The other party/parties involved are going to be vigilant too, so try to stay quiet and observe the situation. Try to avoid getting into a battle of words or physically attacking the other party. Get aside and wait for the police to come and do their work.

4. Take photos and memorize the details:

As soon as you are sure that everyone is safe me there are no injuries, take out your phone or camera and start taking photos. The pictures you take of the accident may help you prove that you are not guilty. They will also help you report the incident as it is and even if you forget any details, you will remember them when you go through these pictures. Also, try to memorize the scene and everything that is happening there. Noticing the reaction and behavior of other people involved in the accident is vital too as it will make your position stronger in case of a lawsuit.

5. Clear the road at the earliest:

After you have taken pictures and taken note of the accident details, clear the road as soon as possible. Other people who are unaware of the accident may also be injured by the crash or its debris. Staying on the road can lead to even more accidents and injuries. Protect yourself and clear the road.

6. Note information of other people:

You need to note down the make, model, and a number of the other vehicles involved in the accident. You should also jot down the name, phone number, license number and other details of the other people involved so that you can provide the information to the authorities when required.

7. Call police for help:

After you are in a safe place and have cleared the road, please dial 911 and call the local police so that they may arrive and help you out. Typically, the party which calls the police is least likely to be considered guilty as they did not try to hide the facts from authorities. The police can also see the situation as it is so that there are no false claims or accusations later on.

8. Note the views of witnesses:

After doing all this, you need to make sure that the other people present there report precisely what they have seen. Human memory is not very reliable, and details are soon going to become faded after just a few hours or even vanish after a few days. That is why it is better that you talk with the people standing nearby and note down what they say. This is going to be a great help if police and law enforcing authorities get involved. Stay calm throughout the process so that the witnesses do not feel pressured as they too are in shock at what they have seen.

9. Contact your attorney:

After a motorcycle accident occurs, you should waste no time in contacting a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer. Do not make any comments or reports unless you have talked with your lawyer as it might lead to you being held guilty. You should also avoid signing anything or making promises of making up for the damage to the other party. This can not be altered later on, so silently waiting for a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer is the wisest thing to do at that time.

10. Contact your insurance agent:

Since your motorbike has undergone damage, it will most likely need to be repaired. Do not disregard minor damage as it can later cause significant inconvenience and trouble for you. Asking your insurance agent to assess the condition of the bike at that time is going to save you a lot of time and money.

Remembering all these things in the case of an accident is hard, but make sure that you stay strong and calm so that you can avoid any further trouble. Call a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer immediately if you are at a loss of what to do and he/she will take care of the situation for you.

The Moss & Colella Law Firm:

The Moss & Colella law firm has years of experience dealing with motorcycle accidents in Michigan. We always have a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer ready to help you. No matter the severity of the accident, speaking with one of our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers can be very beneficial as they can help guide you on how to file a Michigan motorcycle accident claim.

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