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Motorcycle Accidents: Statute Of Limitations n Michigan

August 22, 2018

Motorcycle accidents are deadly and should be taken very seriously when they occur. These accidents can often result in serious injuries due to the fact that motorcycles in their very nature offer much less protection to their operators in comparison to other vehicles on the road. There are various deadlines for those injured in a motorcycle accidents in Michigan. Two main forms of claims a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer can make for an individual who was involved in a motorcycle crash with another vehicle include:

  1. First-party claim —  This form of claim is also referred to as a no-fault or personal injury protection (PIP) claim. These types of claims are lawsuits between the motorcycle accident victim and the insurance company who is responsible for no-fault benefits or personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. The benefits typically included in these forms of claims are wage loss for the first three years following the accident, medical expenses related to the motorcycle accident, household replacement services, compensation for total mileage to medical appointments as well as attendant care. In Michigan, the statute of limitations to make a first-party claim for a motorcycle accident is one year from the exact date of the accident. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer can help you understand this information more clearly if you have any questions or concerns.
  2. Third-party claim — This form of claim is often referred to as a negligence claim or a tort claim. It is a lawsuit that is filed against the negligent vehicle operator who is responsible for causing the motorcycle accident. The compensation available for a third party claim after a motorcycle accident typically includes pain and suffering damages as well as surplus financial advantages. In Michigan, the statute of limitations to file a third-party claim is three years from the exact date of the motorcycle accident.

When a motorcycle injury is due to the negligence of an auto or truck driver whose identity is never realized, an uninsured motorist claim may be deemed necessary. in an 'uninsured motorist claim', an injured motorcyclist turns to his own auto insurance company to cover what could have been retrieved from the motorist at fault, had they been properly insured. Uninsured motorist claims are contractual, rather than statutory, so the statute of limitations will vary considerably depending on the insurance carrier and the terms of the contract. Some contracts have stricter terms that include yearly provisions and few even have three-year provisions. Others may have independent and separate notice provisions to speak with an insurance provider.

The best information we could provide you would be to examine your insurance coverages extremely carefully. Additionally, it is important to talk with an experienced Michigan motorcycle accident attorney, who will review the pertinent filing requirements and respective statutes of limitations which may be applicable to your motorcycle collision.

Seeking Legal Help

When you are searching for a Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer, you should be very thorough in your research. With this being stated, a few ways to search for a good lawyer is doing research online. Nowadays, many attorneys resort to blasting out TV advertisements in the hopes that you will contact their office regarding your claim. Typically these firms have massive ad campaigns and are mainly focused on trying to grab as many cases as possible. This means in most scenarios they are going to be very busy, and will not have time to give your case the needed attention that it deserves. Here at Moss & Colella, we focus on each case and treat all of our clients like family. The goal of our efforts is always to get you the best possible form of compensation for your injuries.

The Moss & Colella Difference

For over 20 years the attorneys at Moss & Colella have aggressively fought and won millions in settlements for their clients. Their experience extends across many areas of personal injury and civil rights law. If you or a loved one was recently injured or discriminated against do not hesitate to call us. We will always have an experienced Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer, Michigan civil rights lawyer, or Michigan personal injury lawyer ready to help you immediately. We understand each case is unique and we treat every client like family.

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