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Colella in Context

Colella in Context is a column in the Detroit Legal News written by A. Vince Colella.

A. Vince Colella Moss & Colella P.C. As lawyers, we have all subscribed to the axiom, “bad facts make bad law.” This phrase rang true in 2014, when a Michigan Court of Appeals panel found in favor of an auto insurer that invoked a fraud exclusion in its policy to deny claims for replacement service...
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A. Vince Colella Moss & Colella P.C. The killing of George Floyd has led to a watershed moment in a storied evolution of the modern Civil Rights Era. What was once thought to be isolated incidents of bad judgment by police officers is now recognized as widespread and systemic failure. As the nation’s collective cry...
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                                  A. Vince Colella Moss & Colella P.C. Nearly three months after the first presumptive positive COVID-19 case was detected, the Michigan Supreme Court is struggling to find ways to continue the essential business of courtroom activity. On April...
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Limiting voir dire: The impact on jury selection
By A. Vince Colella Moss & Colella P.C. It has been all hands-on-deck for hospitals and health care workers since March 10, when the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reported its first two presumptive-positive cases of the coronavirus. Since that time, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has exercised her powers, in part, under the Emergency...
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COVID-19: Risky behavior may lead to civil liability
    By A. Vince Colella Moss & Colella P.C. Contrary to popular belief, Florida spring breakers were not the only ones who demonstrated an utter disregard for the serious health risks of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Callous indifference began in the United States Senate. According to the Washington Post, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (a graduate...
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Limiting voir dire: The impact on jury selection
    By A. Vince Colella Moss & Colella P.C. I was recently assisting my partner in his preparation of voir dire questions for an upcoming first-party auto accident trial. Before drafting our questions, I came across the courts’ trial order, which stated, “The Court allows counsel to conduct voir dire, limited to questions regarding...
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Auto Accident Attorney Michigan
Trial Lawyers Prepare for Transformative Changes in the Rules of Discovery A. Vince Colella Moss & Colella P.C. As we ring at the end of a decade, Michigan trial lawyers are faced with sweeping changes to the discovery rules that will require a great deal of adaptability. On January 1, 2020, the new discovery rules...
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