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Four Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Detroit

Four Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Detroit

Four Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in DetroitRiding a motorcycle around the city of Detroit can be an exhilarating and thrilling adventure. However, it is important that as a motorcycle rider you take the necessary safety precautions before beginning any motorcycle excursions. The following safety tips can help to keep you safe as you prepare to ride your motorcycle in the city. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm can help you or a loved one understand how to file a Michigan motorcycle accident claim and Michigan motorcycle statute of limitations

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

One of the most important parts of motorcycle safety is to be constantly aware of your surroundings. This is a major component of motorcycle safety in general, but it is especially important when riding a motorcycle in a city like Detroit. When riding a motorcycle in the city, you must be vigilant about paying attention to the vehicles around you and what they are doing.

Keep Up With Your Motorcycle’s Maintenance

It is very important to keep your motorcycle in good working order. Keeping your motorcycle in good repair will help to ensure that you do not have issues with your motorcycle breaking down while you are riding it in the city. This is critical because your motorcycle breaking down in the middle of a ride could cause a very serious accident.

Follow All Traffic Regulations

While riding your motorcycle in the city of Detroit, it is important that you be aware of, and follow, all traffic regulations. Traffic regulations such as speed limits, stop signs, and traffic lights help to keep traffic moving at a regular pace. They also help to keep drivers safe by ensuring that all drivers are maintaining similar driving patterns.

Avoid Common Mistakes Typically Made By Motorcyclists

Motorcycle drivers often make the same types of mistakes when riding their motorcycles. It is important that when you ride your motorcycle, you keep in mind the below list of precautions, which can help you to avoid making these mistakes.

  • Stay in the mix of traffic when there are a lot of vehicles around instead of driving in front of other cars. Keeping within the flow of traffic can help to ensure that you do not get hit by other cars. You should always be aware of what the vehicles around you are doing, and you should do your best to match the flow of traffic.
  • Be aware of vehicles turning left in front of you. Oftentimes, vehicles making left turns do not see motorcyclists, and when they make the turns, they accidentally hit motorcycle riders. You should always be aware of these drivers and avoid getting in their way.
  • Avoid hitting gravel when making turns. Making turns on gravel can be dangerous for any vehicle, as it can cause a loss of traction. It is particularly dangerous for motorcycles, which typically only have two wheels. Therefore, it is important to take care when making turns on gravel while riding a motorcycle. This can ensure that you do not lose control of your motorcycle and have an accident.
  • Avoid taking turns too quickly. Taking a turn too quickly can cause a driver to lose control of a motorcycle, which can lead to a dangerous accident. A Detroit Motorcycle accident lawyer can help you file a Detroit motorcycle accident claim.
  • Watch out for vehicles changing lanes. You should always be aware of vehicles changing lanes and take care to stay out of their way. This is important because sometimes drivers of these vehicles may have difficulty seeing you on your motorcycle and may accidentally hit you. Making sure to stay out of the way of these vehicles can help you to stay safe and avoid being hit.
  • Be aware of making stops so as to avoid being rear-ended. Make sure that you properly signal when slowing down or making stops. It is very dangerous to be rear-ended when on a motorcycle, so you should take all precautions necessary to make sure that other drivers are aware when you are slowing down or stopping.
  • Watch out for people opening car doors or exiting vehicles. You should always look out for car doors opening when there are vehicles parked on the street. A car door opening unexpectedly could knock you off of your motorcycle or cause you to have an accident. 


A motorcycle ride through Detroit offers riders a chance to experience the city and its sights in a unique and exciting way. In order to best enjoy this experience, you should be sure to take the above safety precautions so as to avoid having an accident. If you are in the unfortunate position of being involved in a motorcycle accident, make sure that you consult with a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer so as to ensure that you are made aware of your rights following an accident.


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