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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Laws

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Laws

Michigan Motorcycle Accident LawsIf you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, you can sue the negligent party.  In order to be able to successfully go through with this claim, you must have suffered serious harm or damage to an important body function, an enduring disfigurement, or death. Under Michigan law, to recover “pain and suffering”, plaintiff must establish that they suffered a “serious impairment of an important body function. The paragraph correctly states the law. The nature of Michigan motorcycle accident laws can be confusing to anyone, a Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Moss & Colella can help you with any questions you may have.

It must be proven that you were not greater than 50% at fault for a Michigan motorcycle accident case to be deemed credible. However, if you are more than 50% at fault, then you cannot recover damages for the suffering and pain that you may have endured.

Michigan No Fault Benefits for Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

For a motorcyclist to receive payment of attendant care, replacement services, medical bills, and medical mileage or what is simply known as “No-fault Benefits”, you have to be involved in a collision with a vehicle, as explained in the Michigan’s No-Fault Act. A motorcycles collision with to a tree or light pole is not a valid claim for No-fault Benefits. The following are rules of priority to note if you are driving a motorcycle and collide with a truck or car in which your No-faults will be paid:

  1. Registrant of the vehicle’s involvement in the Motorcycle Accident
  2. Insurer of the driver of the vehicle involved in the Motorcycle Accident
  3. Vehicle insurer of the driver of the motorcycle involved in the Motorcycle Accident
  4. Vehicle registrant of the motorcycle that was included in the Motorcycle Accident
  5. Insurer of the owner of the vehicle of resident relative to victim in the Motorcycle Accident
  6. The resident relative of the harmed passenger, driver, or motorcyclist.
  7. Allot facility claim

You must have the required minimum insurance on your motorcycle in Michigan in order to get no-fault benefits under Michigan law.

Statute of Limitations for Michigan Motorcycle Accidents

File your notice within 1 year of the accident to pursue your claim for no-fault benefits.  To sue the negligent driver, you are required to file suit within 3 years of the accident. This only applies if you are NOT a minor, mentally incompetent, or a member of the U.S military.

Motorcycle Damage After a Michigan Motorcycle Accident

You must carry collision insurance in order to recover costs for the physical damage to your motorcycle. The negligent party cannot be held accountable, therefore cannot be sued for this. Michigan Motorcycle Accident Laws can be complex to understand, a Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Moss & Colella can help you with any questions you may have.

Michigan Motorcycle Licensing

To drive a motorcycle in the state Michigan you are required to possess a valid Michigan driver’s license labeled with your motorcycle endorsement. “CY” must be designated on your license to be a valid endorsement. If you are controlling a motorcycle without a “CY” endorsement you will be fined a fixed amount of up to $300.

Complete the following three steps to get your “CY” endorsement:

  1. Take a vision and writing test at your local Secretary of State office
  2. Successfully finish a certified motorcycle safety class or pass a test measuring your skills from a rider skills testing organization.
  3. Present your certificate of proven completion at your local Secretary of State office

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, speaking with a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer or a Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella can be very valuable to them. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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