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While drivers and passengers in a car are protected by a solid frame, seatbelt, and airbag, motorcyclists are merely protected by their clothing and a helmet. This lack of protection greatly enhances the chance for a serious injury or fatality in a motorcycle crash. The following points cover critical content that all motorcyclists in Michigan must understand. If you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident, a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella can be very helpful to you in how to file a Michigan motorcycle accident claim as well as Michigan motorcycle statute of limitations for how long you have to file a case.

Insurance Coverage Required

Motorcycle owners are not required to purchase Michigan no-fault auto insurance. However, the owner (or registrant) of a motorcycle is required to purchase traditional liability insurance for bodily injury, death or property damage. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm can help you understand this more clearly with a consultation on your Michigan motorcycle accident case. This liability insurance is commonly referred to as “PLPD coverage.” Essentially, it provides liability coverage to the motorcyclist if the motorcyclist is at fault and causes bodily injury, death or property damage to another person. If the owner is not insured, serious penalties can be imposed, including a misdemeanor conviction, fine and/or imprisonment. More importantly, the failure to purchase insurance coverage will disqualify the motorcycle owner from receiving no-fault PIP insurance benefits that may be available under the Michigan No-Fault Law. A Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella can help you understand the laws in Michigan surrounding motorcycle accidents.

Damages Recoverable for an Injured Client

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident; you are entitled to make a claim for non-economic damages commonly referred to as “pain and suffering.”  But, recovering money for your pain, suffering, and injuries is not the only compensation you may be entitled. The negligent driver may also be responsible for excess economic losses. In cases involving death, the estate of the motorcyclist can pursue a wrongful death claim against the at-fault motor vehicle driver. Injured motorcyclists must be very careful in how they approach a potential liability claim because, in most situations, the insurer of the motor vehicle involved in the accident will be “wearing two hats.” A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm will help guide you through a better understanding of what to do after your accident. In other words, the insurer will be responsible for payment of no-fault PIP benefits to the injured motorcyclist and will also be the insurer defending the motorcyclist’s liability claim. In these situations, the motorcyclist must exercise extreme caution in his or her dealings with the motor vehicle insurer. Hiring a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer immediately following an accident will prevent a costly mistake which could jeopardize the value of your case.

Damage to your Motorcycle

If a motorcycle is physically damaged as a result of being struck by a car, truck or other motor vehicles as defined in the Michigan No-Fault Law and that motor vehicle is insured with Michigan No-Fault insurance, the motorcycle owner will not be able to recover any compensation for collision damage to the motorcycle – not even so called “mini-tort” damages that are available to automobiles. However, if the motor vehicle causing the damage to the motorcycle did not carry the required Michigan No-Fault insurance coverage, then the owner and/or operator of the uninsured motor vehicle is personally liable for the damage to the motorcycle. Speak with a Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm to better understand your rights.

In situations where a motorcycle was “reasonably parked” at the time the collision damage was sustained, the motorcycle owner would be entitled to make a claim for “property protection insurance benefits” from the insurer of the motor vehicle causing the damage to the parked motorcycle. These property protection insurance benefits consist of the repair costs or replacement value of the motorcycle, less depreciation, plus the value of loss of use of the motorcycle. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella can help you better understand your rights and options if you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents in Michigan can present special challenges for crash victims and their lawyers: Under Michigan’s No-Fault insurance laws, a motorcycle is not considered a motor vehicle. Still, there are exceptions that allow a person injured in a motorcycle accident to recover No-Fault insurance benefits and compensation for pain and suffering. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you.

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Auto Accident

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Michigan, you may be asking yourself, “Do I even need a lawyer in my situation?” Having the right car accident lawyer makes an enormous difference, not only in higher settlements, but in protecting your legal rights. Know the clock is ticking after a car accident. Michigan has a very strict one-year time limit for auto accident victims to recover important No-Fault insurance benefits like medical bills and wage loss.

Truck Accident

The state of Michigan has minimal load restrictions for semi-trucks. For this reason, truck drivers and trucking companies take every opportunity to pass through our state. They leave torn up highways in their path. Even worse, when they fail to follow the proper safety precautions, they can cause serious accidents.We are committed to holding them accountable for their negligence. When you choose Moss & Colella to handle your case.

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Premier Motorcycle Crash Lawyers

A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm is a valuable resource for anyone involved in a motorcycle accident in Michigan. To find out more about what our Michigan personal injury and Michigan motorcycle accident attorneys can do for you, e-mail us or call us at 1 (800) MUST-WIN (1-800-687-8946). Speaking with a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm can only provide value to you and will not cost you anything.

We are ready to provide strong representation to motorcycle crash victims in Detroit and throughout Michigan.

At our law firm, we understand that motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries. Whether you or a loved one has suffered a motorcycle head injury, back injury or another catastrophic injury, we can help. If you have lost a family member in a fatal Michigan motorcycle accident, a Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella will stand by your side.

We Know How to Win Michigan Motorcycle Accident Cases

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Over the course of the years, Moss & Colella has built an impressive record of success. We have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. This record is the result of our commitment to harnessing all of our energy, knowledge and creativity to get the right outcome for each client. We will do what it takes to obtain the compensation you are owed. We know that winning a bike wreck case can requires us to put forth all of our efforts. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm will understand that we are up against large insurance companies in these cases. We make it very clear to them that we are not intimidated. We will show them that if they are unwilling to provide a fair settlement, we will take it to the next level. We will take them to trial. Do not hesitate to call a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella today! 

If you or a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, a Detroit Motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella can be a very valuable resource to you. Contact a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm today to tell us about your situation and find out how we can put our skills to work to get you the results you deserve.

Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Insurance Benefits

In Michigan, motorcycles are viewed in a different light than ordinary automobiles or trucks. Typically after these accidents, people will generally ask, “Which parties insurance will pay for my lost wages and medical expenses?”. If your motorcycle has the proper PLPD insurance, and are involved in a motorcycle accident in Michigan with another motor vehicle; the list below explains the priority order for who is responsible to pay for your Michigan no-fault benefits:

  1. Insurance provider of the person who owns/registered the car or truck involved in the accident
  2. The insurance provider of the driver of the car or truck that was in the crash.
  3. The motorcycle drivers insurance who was involved in the accident. (This means the insurer of the driver’s car or trucks, even though they were not in the crash)
  4. The company that is providing insurance for the owner/registrant of the motorcycle that was in the accident if it is not the driver. (The insurance provider who insures the owner of the vehicles, even if they do not have anything to do with the accident)

Complex Motorcycle Accident Insurance Situations in Michigan

When it comes to the different types of Michigan motorcycle accidents, there exist several tricky situations which can arise such as if two individual insurance agencies both have equal priority they must both be informed and put on notice immediately. Speak with a Motorcycle accident lawyer in Michigan at our firm today, we will help you file a Michigan motorcycle accident lawsuit.

Another example is when a Michigan motorcycle rider becomes a victim of a hit and run accident and does not have another vehicle he or she can operate. In a situation like this, the Michigan motorcycle accident victim would visit the Michigan Assigned Claims Facility (ACF). The ACF will strategically assign a Michigan insurance agency to cover the damages and provide no-fault benefits to the injured victim.

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Very great firm , was very helpful with getting me the money I deserve, called and check on me during and after the process was over. Made sure I knew everything that was going on every step of the way. I really appreciate them for all of they help and dedication

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