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How to Ensure Success in Your Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Claim?

How to Ensure Success in Your Michigan Insurance Claim?

How to Ensure Success in Your Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Claim?So the big question, How to Ensure Success in Your Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Claim? When a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident with an auto driver in Michigan, they are entitled to benefits following the Michigan No-Fault law. The victim of such a disaster is expected to file an insurance claim with their insurance provider to ensure that they receive their benefits. However, in some cases, the application may be denied.


Filing A Michigan Motorcycle Insurance Claim

A Michigan motorcycle accident attorney at Moss & Colella will guide you in how to file a Michigan motorcycle accident claim, help you understand Michigan motorcycle statute of limitations, and avoid your claim getting denied. Here is a list of reasons that would lead to your request being rejected and how to prevent this:

1- Type of insurance cover

The success of your insurance claim is mainly dependent on whether or not you have the right insurance policy. Not having the appropriate insurance coverage in Michigan, a No-Fault state, will significantly limit the options available to you after you are involved in an accident.

If you are a motorcyclist in Michigan, you may be exempted from carrying a No-Fault insurance policy. This is because motorcycles are not considered to be motor vehicles. However, the law still requires you to have motorcycle insurance. An insurance claim based on No-Fault insurance benefits may be denied if you are the motorcycle’s title-owner and you have no motorcycle insurance. In this case, having an insurance cover will ensure your insurance claim is not denied

2- Failure to document the accident

The success of your insurance claim is also reliant on the evidence that is available on the accident. This includes pictures of the scene, witness names and their contact information. If you sustain multiple injuries after the crash, your top priority should be to seek medical care. However, you should enlist a person to collect evidence for you. Calling the police, in this case, plays a crucial role because the authorities are required to gather information on the accident including statements and witness details. Even if you are at fault, this should not stop you from calling the police.

If you cannot collect information, you can also call your attorney. Attorneys often hire the services of a professional photographer to help in documenting the crucial details. Also, following their experience handling settlements, they know how to collect compelling evidence that will have insurance providers opening up their checkbooks in no time. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella will assist in the whole process of evidence collection to release you to get the much-needed medical attention.

3- Failing to seek medical care immediately

In some cases, motorcyclists who are victims of an accident may fail to seek medical attention merely because they feel ‘fine.’ However, after an accident, the rule of thumb is to see a medical professional have your condition evaluated. Even if you emerged physically unharmed, you might have sustained internal injuries, be in shock or you may develop psychological or physical trauma that may manifest later.

Often, claims are refuted on the grounds of exaggerated or malingering injuries. This is unfair because motorcycle accidents result in injuries that may require expensive medical care. However, seeking medical attention promptly and sticking to the doctors’ instructions will help build a medical record. This medical record will give the insurance adjuster or jury a picture of your physical well being. Since it documents your physical condition before and after, they can be able to narrow down to the injuries that resulted from the accident.

Having a medical record will also make it easy to come up with a figure during settlement. Without medical records, you may not know how much your treatment may cost and the length of time required for you to recover. This may lead you to downplay the settlement claim, and this may cause you to foot future medical bills from your pocket or cut medical care completely.

4- Notifying your insurance provider past the required time

Some insurance companies operate on strict requirements that specify the time required to file a claim. An insurance claim may be rejected if you submit past the time required by law. Additionally, failing to notify the insurance company on time may be used against you in court to imply that you are dishonest and this may tank your chances of success.

A Detroit motorcycle accident attorney at Moss & Colella will assist you in filing an insurance claim and ensure that you fall within the required time frame. Additionally, they will be keen to identify any other insurance claims that may be outliers to the general period.

5- Failing to contact a lawyer

Some victims may be under the illusion that since they will not be suing the insurance provider, they do not need the services of a Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer. However, contacting an attorney will go a long way in ensuring that you have everything that you need to recover your insurance benefits. Owing to their vast experience, they will be in a position to offer you the needed counsel.

Your insurance claim should not be rejected because of the above mistakes. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella will guide you in the whole process and ensure that you get full compensation.

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