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Riding Your Motorcycle at Night in Michigan

Riding Your Motorcycle at Night in Michigan

Riding Your Motorcycle at NightMost motorcyclists find riding in the night to be exhilarating. Nothing compares to the experience of the cool night air and the clear skyline. The roads are less traveled at this time and most riders take advantage of this by cruising with their guard down.

Yet, riding at night can be dangerous. According to the Insurance Information Institute, motorcycle riders who passed away between 6 pm – 6 am during weekends made up for 53% of rider deaths. This shows that most motorcycle fatalities occur during night riding. If you or a loved one was in a motorcycle accident, a Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella will help you get the compensation you deserve. Here are some of the reasons why it is dangerous to ride at night:

  • Hazards: Night time has its fair share of hazards. One, as a motorcyclist, you are likely to encounter drunks, especially on weekends, who drive even though they are under the influence. Also, as a rider, you have to be wary of speeding vehicles or drivers who swerve, as they may not be familiar with on their surroundings. Riders typically have to deal with reduced vision during these times as it becomes more difficult to plan ahead and judge corners,  and this can lead to crashes.
  • Sleep: People tend to get drowsier at night. If you feel fatigued, don’t get on your motorbike. Under such conditions, your reaction time to surrounding events and obstacles is not at its peak.
  • Animals: After darkness sets in, the roads are likely to be filled with animals like deer, squirrels, and raccoons. These animals usually jump out onto the road when you least expect it. Since they are often not visible at night, be wary of the area you are passing. Be on the lookout for animal crossing signs and animals that may be along the roadside. If you spot any that may hop on the road, slow down and try not to put yourself in danger.
  • Potholes: Potholes are very common throughout Michigan and are a danger to riding in the night. They might be visible during the day, but they tend to be elusive at night. If you are trailing a car, and you notice that its lights keep bouncing, you’ll have a clue of the location of the potholes.
  • At night, rural roads are mostly void of traffic. This means that bikers who t need help will usually have to wait a while before a passing motorist comes to their aid.

In order to be safe when riding at night, the key is to be visible. Speaking with a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm can be very valuable to anyone injured in a Motorcycle accident. Here are some of the essential things that all riders need to be safe at night:


Every motorcycle is required by law to have a headlight. However, headlights differ in quality, with some being greater in quality & brightness than others. Nowadays, most motorcyclists opt for HID lighting and this is a huge improvement to the normal halogen lights which are found in most motorcycles. Upgrading lights on a bike will help other drivers spot your motorcycle and assist the rider in having better vision of the road.


To most bike owners, the tail light is simply a dual-filament bulb which doubles as a turn signal if it is used as a running light. These lights are oftentimes weak and have a tendency to break down. A better alternative is LED tail lights, as they are more luminous and use less power. They are long lasting and can stand the abuse that tail lights have to endure on motorcycles. 

Signals or Indicators

At night, indicating that you want to make a turn or change lanes is a life-saving act. Since drivers and riders have to deal with low visibility, avoiding surprises by both parties goes a long way in ensuring road safety. For efficiency, LED upgrades are the go-to option due to their brightness.

Light bars

Light bars help in making your bike visible in the darkness. They are popular among adventure riders, sports tourers, and cruisers. They are found close to the headlight.

Spot/fog lights

These help in making the bike visible as they lay light down low when you are on the road. They can be installed on the lower front part of the bike’s frame, on the engine forks or engine guards. However, a huge drawback to having them is that they may drain the bike’s battery, so you have to check whether your motorcycle is able to handle this power drain.

Investing in material that makes you visible at night and improves your vision goes a long way in reducing fatalities at night. If you or a loved one was in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella will help discuss your claim and the options available to you. We are truly dedicated to helping you and we understand that you or your loved one is going through a very difficult time. Accidents happen fast and can leave lifelong scars. They can be harmful physically and emotionally, do not hesitate to call a Detroit Motorcycle accident lawyer at Moss & Colella today!

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