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Summertime Described As “The Deadliest Days” For Teenage Drivers

Memorial Day and Labor Day create the bookends for what most Americans consider to be summertime. Unfortunately, this time period has also been coined the “100 Deadliest Days,” as it is the most dangerous time on the road for teenage drivers.

The title is disturbing, but the facts, unfortunately, are not that surprising. In the summer, school is out and teenagers have more unoccupied time, which means an increase in driving around town, often with friends in tow. According to AAA, the three key factors that contribute to higher accidents among teens are distracted driving, lack of seatbelts, and speeding.

While parents cannot always have their eyes on their teenage-driving children, there are a few tips they can use to help minimize the risk. As a parent, make sure you lead by example and exhibit safe driving practices for your children to follow. Parents could also consider implementing driving rules for how many passengers the teen driver is allowed to have in the car – if any. A teenager with passengers dramatically increases the risk of an accident. There are also technology advances, including apps, that are available to help parents monitor their children’s driving habits and locations to help keep teenagers safer on the road. And it never hurts to repeat the following mantra: Don’t text and drive!

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